Devious plots, dusty legends, and England's most beautiful castles....

...Yours to treasure forever!

Do you know what lies in Merlin's Cave, deep beneath Tintagel Castle?

Why a brutal murder of an archbishop drove King Henry II to build Dover Castle?

Or how King John captured Rochester Castle using big fat pigs?

English castles are steeped in thousands of years of intrigue. They're home to devious plots, and incredible legends.

After years of research, I've uncovered some of the most amazing tales from English castles...

...and, with a little help from a publisher in New York, I've created a beautiful new book about them.

Exploring English Castles Book Cover A Beautiful Coffee-Table Book, From A New York Publisher Skyhorse

Two years ago, I met Nicole - an editor at Skyhorse, a New York publishing house.

We discussed the most beautiful castles in England over strong coffee in a neighbourhood cafe in Manhattan.

And we agreed to create an awe-inspiring new book about English castles.

I researched lost stories from dusty libraries.

I plied experts for tall tales and forgotten legends.

I found fantastic photographers, able to capture the magic through one painstaking image. I even found cartographers to create detailed floor plans of each castle.

And so, with more than 70,000 words of text, more than 200 photos, alongside countless hours of proofing and layout tweaks, we published Exploring English Castles.

Stuffed Full Of Secrets...

If you've ever enjoyed a visit to an English castle (or if you've always dreamed of a trip), I've written a book to fire your imagination.

How would you like to discover:

  • A surviving Round Table, and the fabled 'corpse of King Arthur' (p112);
  • Why castle machicolations were truly terrifying (p35);
  • How the trick of 'forced perspective' was used in Bodiam Castle (as in Disneyland!) (p150);
  • Why the best place to hang your cloak was beside a smelly castle toilet (p62);
  • Why Edward II's male favourite, Piers Gaveston, met a most unseemly end (p192);

In addition, I'll unravel amazing tales, entwined with the history of each individual castle.

  • You'll discover why Robert Dudley's efforts to woo Queen Elizabeth in Kenilworth Castle went rather spectacularly wrong (p252);
  • You'll ride alongside Mary Tudor as she escapes the clutches of the Duke of Northumberland (p223);
  • You'll side with Lady Mary Banks, as, alone with her family, she fends off besieging soldiers during the English Civil War (p160).
272 Full Colour Pages, With More Than 200 Spectacular Photographs Exploring English Castles Book Interior

'Exploring English Castles' is a 10x10.5” coffee table book. Something to read, re-read, and cherish.

It contains more than 200 full colour photographs of some of the most beautiful castles in England.

You'll also find fascinating floor-plans of nine of the most interesting English castles, to help you visualise the fortresses as they once were.

Five Star Reviews, From Readers And Press

I was over-the-moon to hear that Booklist, of the American Library Association, endorsed this book with a great review:

This big, luscious book ushers the reader over Great Britain...

....For each of the castles, th​e author provides a 'snapshot of one of the most notable moments in [their] past,' such as a royal visit or a particularly significant siege, by which is not only the castle's story told but also major occasions in British history. For travelers as well as history buffs."

On, reviewers were equally kind.

“Dr Morris brings history alive and evokes such a sense of place and vibrancy,” [5* Review,]

“I wish that this book had been published two years ago, before my family and I traveled to England,”[5* Review,]

"It is a book I will refer back to for years to come and proudly display on my bookshelf," [5* Review,]

Natalie Grueninger, historical researcher and writer of In The Footsteps of Anne Boleyn called it:

"An exquisite book!"

Your Delight 100% Guaranteed Money back guarantee

I know you'll be delighted with this book.

If you're not? Then it's very simple. Just send me an email with a proof of purchase dated in the last year.

I'll personally refund you. Simple as that.

Buy Your Copy TODAY, From All Good Bookshops Exploring English Castles Book Cover

When you buy your copy today, you'll become immersed in tales of kings, queens and castles throughout England.

You’ll learn of long-forgotten local legends of giants and swine; discover dastardly plots against the crown; and be entranced by poetry and folk-tale.

You’ll encounter characters from King John to King Arthur; Queen Elizabeth to Lady Jane Grey.

With 272 full-colour pages and more than 200 beautiful photographs, you'll have a new possession to treasure.

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I’ve loved writing this book - and I’m sure you’ll love owning it, too.

Yours faithfully,

Edd Morris

London, 2015

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