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I started writing this site a year ago. Since then, I've realised that there're lots of people all around the world who love castles as much as I do.

I've had lots of people writing into the site saying that they love to keep in regular touch with European history and heritage.

Because of this, I've decided to set up Exploring Castles eNews. It's a fairly short, sweet and hopefully useful update that I'll send out every month by email - for free.

After all, there's nothing more personal or more interesting than an email from a friend ;)

Please do sign up and look forward to speaking to you with the next issue.


PS. Your email address is totally safe - it won't be used for any purpose than to send you updates and eNews from Exploring Castles. It will never be passed onto any third party, and I promise that you won't ever receive any spam.

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Hey - I'm Edd.

I've always loved visiting amazing old castles.

I've created this site to share some of the most incredible spots in Europe.

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