Castles Links: An Array Great Castle & History Websites

Castle Drawbridge Chain

This castles links page contains resources and references to recommended castle websites, elsewhere on the net.

There're so many castles in the world that - sadly! - I haven't a hope of being able to cover everything on this site alone. So all these sites are a great place to continue your exploration.

If you've got a website that would be a useful resource, please get in touch! However, for reasons of relevancy, I'd like to keep things pretty relevant to castles and history.

Hope you enjoy the below.

Above image of interlinked iron chain by Jim Sher.

Castles Worldwide - Like all the greatest castle websites, Marko started off writing about castles in the Netherlands - and then couldn't stop. The site only covers castle's he's visited, and there are hundreds, with some emphasis on Western Europe. However, you shouldn't miss out on some of his amazing adventures, uncovering amazing old sites and citadels in Syria and Turkey, too.

Castles in Europe

Great Castles - In addition to extensive profiles and photos of castles in the UK and Europe, Ron Lyons Jr and Richard Jones' site is filled with spooky stories and ghostly legends of castle hauntings and macabre goings-on. -Nina Ringbom's brilliant resource upon European castles. It started as a comprehensive listing of all castles in Sweden, but has evolved into a fantastic resource on most castles in Europe. (Note: It's in Swedish, so you'll need Google Translate).

Belgian Castles -A hugely comprehensive resource upon Belgian castles, compiled by Bruno. The section on the history of castles in the Low Countries is a great introduction.

Burgen Deutschland - Patrick's site is filled with beautiful photos of more than 100 German castles - from the most famous to some truly unique spots.

Castles in the United Kingdom

Pictures of Castles - A pictorial guide to Medieval castles in the UK - and Ireland, too. The photos are by Marijn Kampf, and the galleries on Welsh castles, including Raglan and Pembroke, are beautiful.

The Gatehouse - An academically rigorous online gazetteer of medieval castles, fortifications and palaces in England, Wales, the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man.

eCastles - A comprehensive and really useful British website. Clickable maps lead you to lots of information upon castles throughout the UK.

British History

British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate, 1638-60 - David Plant's site is an unrivalled resource for the history and context behind the British Civil Wars. The writing's so enjoyable, and the layout so intuitive, that you could easily get immersed here for hours.


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