Discover Breathtaking Castles Hidden Throughout Europe

Goodrich Castle, England

Ever dreamed of exploring some of the most incredible castles in Europe?

Well, I've a passion for visiting amazing castles, all around the world. And I'd love to show you some breathtaking places!

I've explored red-stone ruins hidden throughout rolling green England.

I've toured dusty Islamic fortresses lurking within the arid Spanish plains.

And I've searched for sea-splashed stone strongholds, guarding North Wales.

This site is filled with my tales and photographs of castles I've loved. I hope it inspires you to get out there and see these places for yourself.

Edd M. Elephant and Castle, London, UK (2015).

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Hey - I'm Edd.

I've always loved visiting amazing old castles.

I've created this site to share my favourites.

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English Castles

Framlingham Castle Across Mere

Since 1066, England has been peppered with castles, built for defence and prestige.

Discover some of the most amazing castles in England, ranging from the famous to the truly forgotten.

Welsh Castles

Harlech Castle panorama

North Wales has a stunning selection of world-class castles. Many are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Uncover the most remarkable Welsh castles, and learn more about Edward I - the man who forged them.

Scottish Castles

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

The battle for Scottish independence has left Scotland with many majestic castles.

Discover the greatest castles in Scotland, and unpick the history behind Scottish Independence.

Other European Castles

Burg Eltz, Germany

It's not just the countries of Western Europe which are filled with amazing castles.

Throughout the continent, there are incredible examples of castle architecture. Uncover the highlights of Europe's castles - from tiny ruins to mighty fortresses.

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Tower of London from Thames

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Princes in the Tower

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